Sources for the study of emotions in the Greek world
edited by Angelos Chaniotis


Part of the research conducted by the principal investigator and the research associates of the project ‘The Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions: The Greek Paradigm’ (2009-2013) consisted in the identification, selection, and analysis of sources pertaining to the study of emotions in the Greek world, roughly from the 8th century BCE to the 6th century CE. The primary focus was on inscriptions and papyri, but literary texts and archaeological objects have also been considered. The result of this research is presented systematically in the collective volumes Unveiling Emotions and in other publications (see Publications). Surveys and brief presentations of relevant sources are posted in the project’s website as follows:

Survey of sources for the study of emotions in the Greek World

Database of sources for the study emotions in the Greek World

Working papers

Additional material will be made available in monthly updates.

The researchers who worked for the project were the following (initials within brackets indicate authors of entries in the database):

Marigo Alexopoulou, volunteer (2012) [MA]
Harriet Archer, Research assistant (2012-2013)
Angelos Chaniotis, Principal Investigator (2009-2013) [AC]
Vassiliki Giannopoulou, Research Associate for literary sources (2010-2012) [VG]
Georgy Kantor, Research Associate for inscriptions (2009-2011) [GK]
Chryssi Kotsifou, Research Associate for papyri (2009-2011) [CKo]
Christina Kuhn, Research Associate for inscriptions (2009) [CKu]
Katherine LaFrance, Research assistant (2009-2011)
Emily Lord-Kambitsch, Research assistant (2012-2013)
Paraskevi Martzavou, Research Associate for inscriptions (2009-2012) [PM]
Jane Masséglia (née Anderson), Research Associate for archaeology (2009-2010) [JM]
Dimosthenis Papamarkos, Research assistant for inscriptions (2009) [DP]
Elizabeth (Liz) Potter, Research Associate for literary sources (2010-2012) [LP]
Jonah Rosenberg, Research assistant (2009-2012, 2013)
Ed Sanders, Research Associate for literary sources (2009-2010) [ES]
Irene Salvo, Research assistant for inscriptions (2009-2012) [IS]
Katharina Waterfield, Research assistant (2012-2013)

Grave inscription from Beroia with hands raised in prayer (I.Beroia 240)