Survey of sources for the study emotions in the Greek World

The research conducted by the research associates of the project ‘The Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions: The Greek Paradigm’ (2009-2013) included the identification of sources for the study of emotions in the Greek world. The relevant files (pdf) provide information on the sources’ content, references to emotions, and marks (A/B/C) indicating the relevance of each source. The following researchers conducted these surveys. The files that have been edited for presentation are mentioned under the names of the researchers who conducted this survey. More files will be presented in monthly updates.

Angelos Chaniotis: Epigraphic corpora
Vassiliki Giannopoulou: Polybios
EmotionsSurvey Polybios (VG)
Georgy Kantor: Epigraphic corpora
EmotionsSurvey Epigr 5 (GK)
Chryssi Kotsifou: Papyrological corpora
EmotionsSurvey Papyri (CKo)
Paraskevi Martzavou: Epigraphic corpora
EmotionsSurvey Epigr 2 (PM)
Jane Masséglia: Archaeological sources
Benjamin Millis: Epigraphic corpora
EmotionsSurvey Epigr 1 (BM)
EmotionsSurvey Epigr 3 (BM)
Elizabeth (Liz) Potter: Aelius Aristides, Arrian, Artemidoros, Athenaios, Dionysios of Halikarnassos, Lucian, Philostratos, Plutarch
EmotionsSurvey Aristides (LP)
Ed Sanders: Attic orators
EmotionsSurvey Orators (ES)
Irene Salvo: Epigraphic corpora

The epigraphic corpora hitherto included in the survey are listed here:
EmotionsSurvey EpigrCorpora

Last update: 28 February 2014