Emotions and Papyri

Chrysi Kotsifou, Research Associate for Papyrology, is organising the panel ‘Emotions and Papyri’ in the 26th International Congress of Papyrology, 16-21 August 2010. Seven scholars will discuss various expressions of emotions in private letters and petitions:

Ari Bryen
Dionysia’s complaint: finding emotions in the papyri.

Anne Boud’hors
Emotions in Coptic letters of daily life.

Willy Clarysse
From anger to agony: emotions in private letters on papyrus.

Demokritos Kaltsas
Emotionen in ptolemäischen Petitionen und verwandten Texten.

Chrysi Kotsifou
Womanly weakness and manly moderation: the use and abuse of pity in fourth century petitions.

Bernhard Palme
Emotion und Strategie bei Dioskoros von Aphrodite.

Tonio Sebastian Richter
„... jealously we looked at all the sound children who are their parents’ comfort...“ Pleasant and unpleasant emotions in Coptic legal documents.