Round table
Emotions as Historical Factor: Perceptions and Feelings in the Ancient World

During the 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences, Amsterdam 22-28 August 2010, Angelos Chaniotis is co-organising with Pierre Ducrey (Lausanne) a round table dedicated to the study of emotions in Ancient History. This round table will take place on 26 August 2010.

9.00-9.30: Angelos Chaniotis: Introduction: The study of emotions in Ancient History.

Theme I: Greek politics and society
9.30-9.55: Lin Foxhall: Material Values: Emotion and materiality in ancient Greece.
9.55-10.10: Onno van Nijf: Response.
10.10-10.25: Discussion.
10.25-11.00 Break.

Theme II: Culture and literature
11.00-11.25: Angelos Chaniotis: Emotions in Hellenistic historiography.
11.25-11.40: Douglas Cairns: Response.
11.40-12.00: Discussion.
12.00-14.00: Break.

Theme III: Emotions in ancient religion
14.00-14.25: Maria Patera: L’usage rhétorique de la peur dans les sources grecques anciennes et chrétiennes.
14.25-14.40: Philippe Borgeaud: Response.
14.40-14.55: Discussion.

Theme IV: Emotions in material culture
14.55-15.20: Jane Anderson: Feeling low: the relationship between social status and emotional display in Hellenistic Art.
15.20-15.35: Joannis Mylonopoulos: Response.
15.35-15.50: Discussion.
15.50-16.15: Break.

Theme V: Emotions in the Roman World
16.15-16.40: Katarina Mustakallio: Grief and mourning in Roman context.
16.40-16.55: William Harris: Response.
16.55-17.10: Discussion.
17.10-17.30: Pierre Ducrey: Conclusion.