In the period 1 January 2012-31 December 2013 the following scholars received scholarships as Senior and Junior Researchers:

Senior Researchers
Cairns, Douglas (Edinburgh)
The role of metaphor in the formation of emotional concepts
Fantuzzi, Marco (Macerata)
Emotional connotation and factuality in the ekphrastic discourse of Greek tragic choruses
Fögen, Torsten (Durham)
Emotional elements in ancient technical texts
van Bremen, Riet (London)
Furious young men in the Hellenistic World
Zaborowski, Robert (Warsaw)
Plato on emotions

Junior Researchers
Bobou, Olympia (Oxford)
Emotional display in art
Fujii, Takashi (Oxford)
Emotional responses to the process of dying
Giannopoulou, Vassiliki (Oxford)
Personal experience, emotion, and moral judgement in Polybius
Kanavou, Nikoleta (Open University of Cyprus)
Negative emotions in Greek personal names
Dimitris Karambelas (Athens)
Emotions and the law: psychic attitudes towards the law in the Greek world under Roman rule
Kazantzidis, George (Oxford)
Emotions and mental
disease in Greek medical texts
King, Daniel (Exeter)
Painful emotions: lupe in Greek imperial culture
Sophia Kravaritou (Arch. Institute of Thessay)
Communicating emotions through inscriptions: emotions and their contexts in Thessaly during Hellenistic and Imperial times
Paraskevi Martzavou (Oxford)
Isis in context
Masséglia, Jane (Oxford)
Gestures, postures and body actions: body language in Hellenistic art and society
Pagán Cánovas, Cristóbal (Murcia)
Cognitive patterns in Greek emotion metaphors
Potter, Elizabeth (Oxford)
Greek education, declamation and emotion : The Imperial period
Slaney, Helen (Oxford)
Knowing the Dancer, Knowing the Dance: orchesis and Emotion
Dimos Spatharas (University of Crete)
The forensic uses of disgust in Classical Athens
Tamiolaki, Eleni-Melina (University of Crete)
Emotion and Historical Representation in Xenophon’s Hellenica
Maria Xanthou (Thessalonike)
Fear, awe, anger and goodwill in the political scene of the 5th and 4th cent. BCE