Angelos Chaniotis

I was born in Athens. I studied Ancient History and Archaeology at the Universities of Athens and Heidelberg (PhD Heidelberg 1984). After serving as Professor of Ancient History at New York University (1994-98) and the University of Heidelberg (1998-2006), and Vice Rector of the University of Heidelberg (2001-2006), I joined the University of Oxford as Senior Research Fellowship for Classics at All Souls College. My main research interests are the social and cultural history of Hellenistic Greece and the Roman East, ancient religion and rituals, memory, identity, and emotions. Since 1998 I am senior editor of Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum and since 1995 I study the new inscriptions from Aphrodisias.

My most recent book are War in the Hellenistic World: A Social and Cultural History (Oxford: Blackwell 2005), Theatricality and Public Life in the Hellenistic World (in Greek, Irakleion: Crete University Press 2009), and Applied Classics (co-edited with Annika Kuhn and Christina Kuhn, Stuttgart: Steiner 2009). Forthcoming books include Le visage humain des rituels: expérimenter, mettre en scène et négocier les rituels dans la Grèce hellénistique et l’Orient romain (Paris: École Pratuque des Hautes Études) and a collective volume on Rituals in the Ancient Mediterranean (Stuttgart: Steiner).

As Principle Investigator in the project “The social and cultural construction of Emotions: the Greek paradigm” I primarily study the epigraphic evidence and emotions in historiography. I am particularly interested in the construction of religious fear, in the representation of sorrow in epitaphs, and in the role of emotions as a persuasion strategy in public life, and in emotions in Hellenistic historiography.

Relevant publications include:

“From Woman to Woman: Female Voices and Emotions in Dedications to Goddesses”, in: C. Prêtre (ed.), Le donateur, l’offrande et la déesse. Systèmes votifs dans les sanctuaires de déesses du monde grec. Actes du 31e colloque international organisé par l’UMR Halma-Ipel (Université Charles-de-Gaule/Lille 3, 13-15 décembre 2007) (Kernos Suppl. 23), Liège: Université de Liège 2009, 51-68.

“Dynamic of Emotions and Dynamic of Rituals. Do Emotions Change Ritual Norms?”, in: C. Brosius and U. Hüsken (eds.), Ritual Matters, London: Routledge 2010, 208-233.

“Normen stärker als Emotionen? Der kulturhistorische Kontext der griechischen Amnestie”, in: K. Harter-Uibopuu and F. Mitthof (eds.), Vergeben und Vergessen? Amnestie in der Antike. Akten des ersten Wiener Kolloquiums zur Antiken Rechtsgeschichte, Wien, 27.-28.10.2008, Wien: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften 2010 (forthcoming).

“The Ritualised Commemoration of War in the Hellenistic City: Memory, Identity, Emotion”, in: P. Low, G. Oliver, and P. Rhodes (eds.), Cultures of Commemoration: War Memorials, Ancient and Modern, London: British Academy (forthcoming).

“Listening to Stones: Orality and Emotions in Ancient Inscriptions”, in: J. Davies and J. Wilckes (eds.), Epigraphy and the Historical Sciences. XIII International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, London: British Academy (forthcoming).

“Under Siege: Challenges, Experiences, and Emotions”, in B. Campbell and L. Tritle (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Warfare in the Classical World, Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

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