Vasiliki Giannopoulou

I was born in Pyrgos, in the Peloponnese, Greece. I studied Classics at the University of Athens and at Somerville College, University of Oxford (D.Phil. Oxford 2002). My research interests are the presentation of fortune and chance (tychē) in Greek literature from the archaic period to the fourth century BCE and the presentation of emotions in Hellenistic historiography.

As a research associate on the project “The Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions: the Greek Paradigm” I primarily study literary sources and am currently focusing on emotions in Polybius. I am interested in the construction of fear in this second-century BCE historian and in what ways he differs in this respect from the great classical model, Thucydides.


‘Divine Agency and TychÄ“ in Euripides’ Ion’, in M. Cropp, K. Lee, and D. Sansone, eds., Euripides and Tragic Theatre in the late Fifth Century = Illinois Classical Studies 24-25 (1999-2000) 257-271.

Works in progress:

Fortune and Chance in Greek Tragedy and Historiography. Under revision for the series Oxford Classical Monographs (Oxford University Press).

The construction of fear and confidence in Polybius [boulomenos pistin paraskeuazein (31.30.2)].